Character Generation

Characteristics are purchased on the following table:

Characteristic Points
3 -4
4-5 -3
6 -2
7 -1
8-11 0
12 1
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 9
17 12
18 15

Human characters may spend 40 points, and non-human characters may spend 35 points.

Exceptional strength is not rolled at character generation, but instead increases with levels. The only exception to this are fighters with a racial strength bonus, who if they spend the points for an 18 Strength, their +1 racial modifier, will allow them to start with an 18:20 Strength.

Character Progression:

After the start of play the GM will roll a d50 for each characteristic (except characteristics at racial maximum and exceptional strength) and treat this as a percentile.

For every odd level beyond the first the character may choose any three characteristics to improve. A number of d6 (see below) are rolled and adds the result to the characteristic percentile.

Characteristics less than 11 10d6
Characteristics of 11-13 8d6
Characteristics of 14-15 6d6
Characteristics of 16+ 4d6
Exceptional Strength* 3d6
  • Exceptional strength may improve a maximum of one category (18, 18/01-50, 18/51-18/75 etc.) per level.

Hit Points = Max/Lvl

Gold & Equipment —> roll 3d6 for gold —> choose a melee weapon —> choose a ranged weapon
—> choose armor and clothing suitable for your character class (NO METAL ARMOR) —> choose weapon proficiencies/specializations.

everything else will be handled before or during the first game session

Other Restrictions
*No Multi-class
*No Dual Class

Character Generation

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